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United Kingdom/Ireland

A rubber floor restored

The surface of the 28-year-old Mondo rubber floor in Auckland Youth and Community Centre (AYCC), County Durham, UK was looking tired and worn, and ready for a complete renewal.

The Bona Resilient Care Program, which comprises cleaners, coatings and equipment designed specifically for the maintenance and renewal of resilient floors such as PVC, rubber and linoleum, was suggested to Delivery Manager, David McCreedy, as the ideal method of restoring the 300m2 surface.  
Prior to the system being used several repairs had to be made to the surface. These included filling some damaged weld joints with Bona R770 adhesive which, after drying, still maintains flexibility to match that of the rubber surface.  
The floor was then ready for the first stage of the Bona Resilient Care Program – a treatment of Bona Power Remover, applied using a Bona Mop in workable sections, to break down any contamination on the surface.
Bona Power Remover is designed to be left to penetrate the surface for around 20 minutes. Then while the surface is still wet, it should be abraded using 80 grit Bona Diamond abrasives and a Bona FlexiSand buffing machine.  This ensures the thorough removal of all surface contamination and provides a key for the subsequent coating.   A Bona Power Scrubber should then be used firstly to remove all traces of the Bona Power Remover solution and then to neutralise the surface with clean water.
The rubber floor at AYCC was now ready for coating with two coats of Bona Pure Colour, the colouring component of the system, which is available in eight standard colours but can also be ordered in the full RAL and NCS colour spectrum. RAL 5014 was chosen for the main body of the floor and RAL 1001 for the edges. Following line marking, Bona Pure Clear, a hard-elastic coating and the final element of the system, was applied across the whole surface of the floor using a Bona roller. It is also possible to add logos and other design elements such as coloured chips as part of the recoating process.
Renewing a resilient floor using Bona’s Resilient Care Program represents cost savings of around 50% on labour and materials against replacement with a new floor. Downtime can be halved, with a floor this size normally taking around 3 days to treat. There are also significant sustainability benefits from using the system’s environmentally friendly waterborne coatings and because there is no need to dispose of the old floor.
Following completion of the project, David McCreedy said, “We are a busy youth and community centre, our sports hall was in desperate need of some work, the hall is used for many activities such as health and wellbeing classes, table tennis, football and dance classes.  We were amazed by the transformation.  The floor now looks as good as new and it was ready for us to use again the following week.”
The Bona Resilient Care Program delivers cost effective long-term surface protection for all types of heavily used resilient floors, restoring their appearance and simplifying ongoing maintenance.