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United Kingdom/Ireland

Reduce downtime to save cost

When restoring the resilient floor instead of replacing using Bona unique renovation method, the downtime will be reduced by 50 %.

  • Time and cost savings - short downtimes
  • No need to close down during renovation

Restore to improve the floor performance

With Bona Resilient Care Program you will secure an excellent hygienic environment, as the resilient floors remain easy to maintain and clean over time.

  • Improved hygienic properties
  • Easy to clean
  • High resistance to chemicals and sanitisers
  • Wear-resistant and dirt-resistant
  • Slip resistance in classes R9 and R10 possible

Exciting design possibilities 

Now you´re even able to transform your resilient floor to meet any design expectations. Change colour to improve the apperance of a reception, include signs and lines in the floor surface for easy orientation and have them protected by the durable Bona Pure coat. 

  • Application of symbols and lines for orientation
  • Change of colurs on existing resilient floors

Sustainability from every aspect

Think about our planet - extend the life of your resilient floor by using the professional and modern way of taking care of your resilient floor.

  • Ecological advantage - Renovation instead of disposal and replacement