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Bona Resilient Care Program

The Bona Resilient Care Program lets you transform the look of your tired resilient floors at half the cost of replacing with new and with far less downtime.

A Care Program for Every Situation

The Bona Resilient Care Program is an innovative, highly effective program for care and maintenance of resilient flooring. Our high quality, sustainable program allows you to not only keep the floor clean but, when the surface has become tired and worn, to totally transform it without the cost and downtime incurred when replacing it with a new floor. Even in heavy traffic areas, surfaces can be sealed for extra durability and long-term protection.

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✔ Transform tired floors!

✔ Suitable for rubber, vinyl and PVC surfaces

✔ More cost effective than replacing with new

Before & After

Transforming Worn Floors

We call it recoating, but you'll think it's a brand new floor! With the Bona Resilient Care Program you can totally transform the look of your floor surface. The perfect way to update your linoleum, rubber or PVC floor. The result is simply outstanding!

Highlight: Recoating

Unique Method

Preparation is carried out using the Bona FlexiSand machine fitted with our high performance Bona Diamond Abrasives, enabling you to achieve the optimal prepared surface in no time. The surface is now ready for restoration or a complete redesign. Choose our specially developed lacquers - Bona Pure or Bona Pure Colour.

50 % less downtime

50% Less Downtime

A total renovation -for example 300m² - can take 6 days if you replace your existing resilient floor. Using the Bona Resilient Care Program you can have a brand new surface is just 3 days! And you can choose between retaining the existing style or totally transform the surface with a brand new colour or the addition of graphics and logos.