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United Kingdom/Ireland
  • 14929 - Edge sander
  • 14930 - Brush sander

Bona SupraFlex is an all-in-one sanding machine for sanding of edges as well as for wire brushing of edges.

Bona Supraflex is the perfect sanding companion to the Bona Power Drive NEB, helping you with those hard to reach areas. It supports all functions of the Bona Power Drive NEB and can fit both sanding discs as well as brushes

• Powerful 1400 W motor
• Stepless speed selection (600-2100 rpm)
• Low height - Easy to reach under stair cases, toe kicks and radiators
• Dust cover allows connection to Bona DCS for dust free sanding
• M14 tool fixture – easy to change between sanding disc to brushes
• Noise reduction through innovative planetary and angular gears