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United Kingdom/Ireland

Schiphol Airport

Traffic HD, for ultimate surface durability has been specified at Schiphol Airport.

Bona has supplied lacquers for the wooden floors at Schiphol since the early 1990s. At first Bona Mega was used, but in 2000 the specification was changed to Bona Traffic IP.

When Bona introduced Bona Traffic HD in 2012, the company invited Schiphol's Facility Supervisor to visit their factory in Malmo, Sweden. The Bona team explained the differences between Traffic IP and new Traffic HD and worked out a new specification for the renovation of the airport’s floors.  Traffic HD has a faster drying time and an even greater wear resistance than Traffic IP - which was already meeting the high demands at Schiphol.

Schiphol welcomes around 63,000,000 passengers each year so it’s important to have the best possible protection on the floors. Bona Traffic HD was therefore specified for all the wooden floors before and after passport control (approximately 18,000m2) and also for some customized furniture and wall panels.