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United Kingdom/Ireland

Casino Baden, Austria

The grand imperial building housing the Casino Baden dates back to 1884 and has undergone several transformations since. In 1995 it became part of a complex comprising a congress and event centre and re-opened as the largest casino in Europe.

As part of recent renovation works, a 360 ​​m² floor was replaced with new solid oak parquet. All the flooring including the edge detail was installed using Bona R850  and then sanded using the Bona FlexiSand 1.9 with Powerdrive, connected to a Bona DCS system to ensure a dust-free working environment.

60 then 100 grit Zirconium abrasives were used for sanding the surface initially before acheiving a fine finish with 80 grit Bona Diamond abrasives.

The stunning chequer board pattern was achieved using Bona Craft Oil 2K in Frost and Ash. The oiled surface was then overcoated with two coats of Bona Traffic HD (silkmatt) to deliver exceptional durability to this fabulous new floor.

The works were carried out by one of our Austrian Bona Certified Contractors - Johannes Hoglinger.