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United Kingdom/Ireland

Corporate HQ, Bristol

Fixing wide oak boards to a metal subfloor demanded a special adhesive. Bona Titan provided the perfect solution.

Wide oak boards supplied by Taylored Flooring for the renovation of a corporate HQ in Bristol had to be installed on a metal sub floor. Chris Taylor, who holds Bona Certified Contractor status, specified and installed the floor using new Bona Titan which delivers the ultimate bond for heavy or oversized boards or on tricky subfloors.

Bona Titan is a new supreme performance, silane- based adhesive for high value projects, very wide or oversized solid wood boards - or any installation where the quality of the bond has to be guaranteed.

Bona Titan contains Titanium Technology - a revolutionary new formula comprising quadruple crosslinking that delivers superior durability and an unbeatable initial bond speed - even under challenging subfloor conditions.

Bona Titan can be specified with confidence to bond all types of wood flooring. Its superb shear strength makes installation easy and keeps even the largest, solid boards securely in place. If the subfloor is sound and dry, no primer is required.

Bona Titan is compatible with underfloor heating and can be used directly on metal or tiles. Floors bonded with Bona Titan can be sanded after just 12 hours.