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United Kingdom/Ireland

Edinburgh Botanic Garden

Bona Traffic HD was used to protect the Douglas Fir floor in the John Hope Gateway Restaurant at the Edinburgh Botanic Garden.

Bona’s toughest polyurethane lacquer is Traffic HD, which offers an incredibly fast curing time that allows a busy wood floor to be back in use just 12 hours after treatment.  Specifying Traffic HD will ensure downtime of a busy facility is kept to a minimum.   Traffic HD was designed to meet the performance needs of floors exposed to really extreme wear such as airports, restaurants and shopping malls.  The recently improved formulation delivers very high scratch and chemical resistance. Product tests (SIS 923509) revealed a wear resistance score for Traffic HD that was an incredible 60% better than the next best performing product. This great performance is combined with an extremely low VOC content of less than 5% and an almost undetectable odour.   Traffic HD is non-yellowing and available in three sheen levels – silkmatt, matt and extra matt.