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United Kingdom/Ireland
  • 16300 - Belt UX Image 2

A genuine user-experience based design, the Bona Belt UX has been developed following extensive feedback from our customers. The result is an easy to control, highly manoeuvrable machine that delivers precise and efficient sanding. Low vibration combines with high performance to deliver a smoother surface with no chatter marks.

Ideal for challenging floor jobs such as large areas and uneven floors, the machine can be broken down easily into three parts, and quickly reassembled. A powerful, reliable all-round belt sander that is compabible with all versions of Bona DCS for dust-free sanding.


  • Smooth and controlled lowering of the drum
  • Optimum results when coarse sanding all types of wood flooring
  • Heavy weight for powerful sanding
  •  Dual speed for optimum sanding results
  • Cable and hose holder
  •  Easy fitting and changing of abrasives
  • Multimeter display measures volts, hours and Hz
  • Transport cart integrated with machine