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United Kingdom/Ireland

Easy cleaning with Bona.

Things happen but don't worry - we've got your floors covered!

  • Quick and easy floor cleaning
  • Products that are safe to use around your children and pets
  • Versions for wood as well as stone, tile and laminate surfaces
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Bona's got your floors covered.

Kids seek the fun in everyday life, but the funniest things can often end up with messy results. Relax. Bona is the floor-loving company that helps you clean and take care of your floors the fast, easy and environmentally friendly way.

Bona offers a full range of cleaning and maintenance products and our wood floor spray mop helps you to clean easy and fast. It comes with a ready to use formula in a refillable cartridge and a microfiber pad included. Floor care has never been simpler!

Things happen - don't worry with Bona


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