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United Kingdom/Ireland

Need to revive your outdoor deck? Contact a craftsman today!

Springtime is here and it’s time to enjoy that wonderfully relaxing outdoor life. You’re ready, but is your wooden deck ready? It’s been outside all winter constantly exposed to what nature throws at it. And now it needs your attention. Relax, let a Bona Certified Contractor take care of it for you.

Find a craftsman

Bring your wooden deck back to life! Let an expert take care of it.

Trust an expert

Bona Certified Contractors are independent wood floor specialists that have been trained and certified by us to use products from the Bona system to install and renovate your wood floors. They can also help you renovate your outdoor decks too - using our Deep Clean System and high quality Decking Oil. 

Outstanding result

A Bona Certified Contractor can even help you change the colour of your wooden deck. So just call your nearest Bona contractor and get started before the sun sets.

Get help from a Bona professional today. Find your Bona Certified Contractor here!