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Partnership with Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand supports poverty reduction programs through sustainable job creation in developing countries. We are very proud of this important partnership!

About Hand in Hand

Hand in Hand is an NGO (non-governmental organization) and their mission is to reduce poverty and child labour through sustainable job creation that raises family income. They do so through social and economic empowerment of some of the poorest and most marginalised people and  focus particularly on women.

Raising family income contributes to greater food security, better education for children, better housing and increased access to medicines and healthcare. By focusing on strengthening women, their children and the entire family are benefitted and gain a better life.

Hand in Hand's work model is based on a help to self-help approach by equipping poor people with the knowledge and skills needed to gain better livelihoods in order to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Village Upliftment Program

Starting in January 2016, Bona supports Hand in Hand's Village Uplift Program in India where Hand in Hand for two years, with the help of our donation, are implementing a number of self-help activities in a particular village. After two years, Hand in Hand will leave the village and the villagers shall continue and sustain the business and activities started.

Actions and implementations

  • Training and education of women
  • All children in school
  • Upgrading of schools and orphanages
  • Ongoing health surveys of all the villagers
  • Improved hygiene facilities and waste disposal
  • Democracy / IT center

Please contact us if you have questions concerning our village project or our partnership with Hand in Hand

Concistent with our Code of Conduct and core values

Bona chose to engage in Hand in Hand's operations partly because it is consistent with two of our four core values; concern and innovation.

According to our Code of Conduct, Bona do not accept any form of child labour or forced labour in our operations or those of our suppliers and business partners.

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Han in Hand approach Hand in Hand's approach to job creation