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Bona Glaze System

Intense graphic packages are becoming more and more popular in the sport world. It can be challenging for the professional to find exactly what a customer is looking for, but Bona has waterbased and oil-based solutions that are a lot simpler than you would think. Both have a unique look and can be customized to nearly any PMS color desired. And to top it off, literally…. finish coats can be either water or oil-based.

Water-based: Bona Super Sport Paint + Bona DTS Sealer
- Typically this is a 8 parts DTS, to 1 part paint
- Applied with two T-Bars (one for application, one to follow up and soak up/remove excess)
- No water popping is needed, but is recommended you apply to bare wood

Oil Based: Bona Dri Fast Stain- Natural + Courtlines Paint
- Typically this is a 2 parts natural stain, to 1 part paint.
- Applied with a buffer and a carpet pad (or similar)
- Water popping is needed to ensure the most consistent look


If you are interested in learning more, contact your Bona Sport Rep for any questions, or to set up an onsite demo!

Case Study - The Bona Glaze System Takes Over Nebraska

Experienced floor craftsman, Dave Hart, of Hart Floors in Nebraska recently utilized the Bona Glaze System, while incorporating it into a hybrid system, which resulted in a beautiful floor!

The Process Used:

  1. Sand to standards
  2. Oil Modified Sealer, to provide a rich look desired by the customer
  3. Applied Bona DTS Sealer/Transtint Dye inside 3pt Arcs
  4. Painted Game Lines with Bona Courtlines Paint
  5. Abraded with Maroon pad after paint was dry
  6. Coated with Bona Super Sport One

"I have found Bona to have a excellent, comprehensive product line, whose products interface and work well together," said Dave Hart, Hart Floors.


Tips & Tricks

Bona Super Sport Paint

Many pros are shaving days off the finish process, by painting their game lines or logos with Bona Super Sport Waterbased Paint. As you can apply a water based or oil based finish, your time savings starts with multiple coats in a day, multiple colors in a day and being able to recoat with water without abrading!  All this adds up to less time on the job or on the road.  However, to be as successful as possible, we want to share some key tips to ensure you are satisfied with the result.

SuperSport Paint Tips:

  • Finish must be dry before applying paint. If painting over an oil based sealer, abrade before painting to ensure a proper bond.
  • All tape is not created equal; therefore, not all tape performs well. We recommend using a quality tape (i.e. Frog Tape or similar) for best results. Though the cost is higher, the result will be worth it. Less paint bleeding=less headache.
  • Re-roll your tape before you paint. Using a tape machine, re-roll the tape right before you paint. This will ensure your tape has a consistent bond/seal with the floor to also help ensure less bleed.
  • Lighter colors not covering in 2 coats?  Paint a coat of Light Beige before your color. This will provide a “primer coat” which will help your lighter colors. This can be done in the same day given proper dry time.
  • Two thin coats are better than one heavy coat. Super Sport Paint's quick recoat time will help ensure you get the coverage you need, so there are no issues with finish coats.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your Bona Sport Rep for any questions or comments.