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Jack Daniels Chooses Bona for Durability and Beauty

American legend, Jack Daniels, chose the Bona System to renovate the wood floors in their employee reserach center in Lynchburg, Tennessee. The floors were starting to show some wear and tear and even be a hazard. The health of the employees and the environment were top considerations for choosing the best option for the floors, in addition to preserving the beauty of the new wood and highlighting the trademark Jack Daniels No. 7 logo.

Covington Floor Company took the reins on the project, confident in the Bona System to deliver the best possible results, based on the customer's stipulations.

“This was a unique opportunity to provide a wood sport floor to not only look beautiful, but to also create a healthier environment for Jack Daniels employees. The health facility was occupied during the installation so odor had to be minimal. For such a special client, with a clear goal of utilizing the best possible product to keep the artwork looking fresh, the Bona system was the clear choice to deliver the best, most durable waterborne line of products on the market,” said Erica Parker, Sales Manager, Covington Flooring. “Not to mention it was an honor to work in the Jack Daniel’s facility – an American legend."

The Bona Multi-Disc prepared the floor for a coat of Bona DriFast Stain in Red Mahogany, sealed with Bona DTS. The game lines and logos were painted with Bona waterbased SuperSport Paint and finally finished with Bona SuperSport HD Finish. This provided the high definition and durability needed for the high traffic area of these iconic floors. Read the full story here.

Industry Events - On-Site Demo Trainings

The sport floor industry continues to evolve and customer goals have become more dynamic, vibrant and graphic heavy. Don't fret! The Bona Sport team is here to help you achieve most of these expectations. From matching nearly any color of PMS, to taking that same color and creating a stain, we can provide you with all the tools and knowledge necessary to keep your customers satisfied. We are always looking to help train, educate and support any of these requests. Here are the upcoming trainings. If they are too far from your location, give your local Bona Sport rep a call to set up a training on-site or near you.

Distributor Host: Lanham Hardwood Flooring

Topic of discussion:

• Multi Disc- Efficient & Effective Recoating
• Bona Glaze- Trends in Blends (Water & Oil Based)
• Waterbased Sealer & Paint, Oil Topcoats= Save days


• Indianapolis- Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 (7am-1pm)
• West Chester- Thursday, April 6th ,2017 (7am-1pm)

- Lunch is included and will have event specials for Bona Sport Abrasives and other Bona Sport Products

Tips and Tricks:

With sport season rapidly approaching, here are some things to keep in mind when dealing with waterborne and oil-modified systems to help ensure your jobs are successful:

• Proper ventilation is the key to success. Little to no air movement during application is ideal. One hour after letting finish flow and level you want to exhaust and ventilate solvents out of the room.
• Waterborne products have a hot coat window of 48 hours. AFTER 48 hours you will need to abrade.
• Waterborne products should be applied at 500-600 Square feet per gallon. Lay your pails out every 2500-3000 sqft to gauge how spread rates are flowing out. If you are coming up short, the finish is too heavy and you may need to slow your walking down. If you are going well past your pail layout, you may be walking to slow and spreading the finish too thin.
• Be sure to let your first coat of finish completely dry before putting down a second coat. Just because the coat feels dry does not mean that it has completely gassed off. Rushing the second coat can cause trapped solvents, that could make the floor appear hazy over time.  This is extremely tough to remedy.
• Never apply more than 2 coats in one day.

• Hot coating is never recommended for oil base coatings.
• 1 coat per day with oil base products.
• Applying finish too heavy can cause extended dry and cure times and in extreme cases wrinkling.
• After finish has flowed and leveled for an hour, aggressive ventilation, removing solvents from room until next coat is applied will greatly decrease dry times.
• Never force air onto floor or into room; this can cause flashing.
• Allow 14 days minimum for full cure of finish. RH levels play a huge role in proper curing.

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