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Bona Atomic Van

The innovative concept of the van-mounted Bona Atomic Dust Containment System means having a more powerful system while providing evacuation of the airborne dust that is generated from the entire sanding process.

  • Ideal for hard to access commercial jobs
  • Dramatically more powerful system, providing evacuation of airborne dust
  • Powered by a fuel efficient, 29-HP electronic fuel injected water-cooled Kawasaki engine outside the home or business
  • 200 ft. 2" and 100 ft. 1.5" non-marking hose connects Bona sanding machines to the dust collection system in the van
  • 15 ft. 1.5" non-marking hose with detailing and attachments
  • Perfect billboard to advertise your business. Can be customized with your company name, logo, phone number and website, plus your choice of a full-color photograph

The New Bona Atomic Van Moves Business

Bona Certified Craftsman, SVB Flooring, save time and money with the new Bona Atomic Van. "From the first atomic trailer we bought in 2006 to the new Atomic units today, it was a launching point to take our business further. It allowed us to save time and money and it's one of the reasons, along with our clientele, employees and our relationship with Bona, that has allowed us to be continually successful."


Bona Certified Craftsman® Convention

Members of the Bona Certified Craftsman Program gathered in Denver, CO on February 9th-12th for the third BCCP Convention. The 2017 edition brought the largest number of attendees yet, with 175 hardwood flooring contractors, a variety of industry speakers, and a tradeshow featuring over 25 potential business partners. A special keynote from Brian Billick, Super Bowl winning coach and analyst for the NFL Network, kicked off the big event.  Hands-on technical workshops and best practice business seminars filled a couple of days for attendees from the US, Canada, Sweden, Germany, and Guatemala.

During the closing ceremonies, the important topic of philanthropy was discussed, and Andrea Verdone Gorsegner presented eye opening information on childhood cancer and research.   Charity doesn’t necessarily mean cutting a check or giving a percentage of your sales to a specific cause; however, both are hugely impactful to whichever organization you so choose to work with. It may also be your labor and sharing your skills as a tradesman. Several examples of BCCP members donating time, labor, money, and other resources were discussed that evening and since the convention. Oftentimes, Bona, other manufacturers and distributor partners donate product. Two contracting companies were highlighted and received the 2017 BCCP Philanthropy Award:

Olde Tyme Craftsmen – Hookset, NH  

For 35 years, Ron and Monica Charpentier have owned and operated a hardwood company dedicated to creating a healthy environment in each of their customer’s homes with non-allergenic products and processes.  From local churches, schools, and historical buildings, Olde Tyme Craftsmen has made it a point and a piece of their culture to give back to the local community by donating their labor time over and over again. 

New Dimension Hardwood Floors – Eugene, OR  

At New Dimension Hardwood Floors, specializing in a worry-free, unobtrusive experience for all types of customers is achieved by using Bona Dust Containment systems and waterborne finishes. Keeping busy with residential and commercial projects, along with sport projects like several hardwood floors at the University of Oregon, doesn’t mean owner for almost 10 years, Kurt Vollstedt does not have time for philanthropy. One of his team’s most impressive projects is a sand and refinish done for the Veteran’s Housing Project at no cost – serving those who have served our country. 

For every business owner, donating your time and skill can be valuable to so many, including your company. Employee engagement, morale, and teamwork are all advantages from the inside, while public relations, a great reputation, and visibility thru social media and other outlets are positives that can also lead directly to profit. 

Feel free to share your involvement with philanthropy today!


Domino Hardwood Floor, a BCC, Partners with Blogger

For over 30 years Eddie Diaz has been hands-on in the hardwood flooring business. From Miami to Portland, his quality approach to the business has led to years of using Bona dust containment systems and waterborne finishes. Continued industry education is key to the President of Domino Hardwood Floor's success in the business.  Eddie has earned certificates for maintenance, installation, sales, and sand and refinish, with a focus on his membership to the Bona Certified Craftsman Program since the Fall of 2014. Unique, custom work like inlays, borders, and medallions are a specialty. Domino Hardwood Floors is often the go-to for designers, high end home builders, and consumers who insist on quality craftsmanship.

The Bona marketing department connected Domino with an influential blogger in the Pacific Northwest area to highlight the ease and design features of hardwood flooring.  Kim Demmon of Today’s Creative Life has been dishing up the creative slice of life since 2007. She currently has over 180K unique visitors each month to her blog, 150K Facebook fans and over 110K Pinterest followers. On her blog, you’ll find practical, stylish and clever decorating ideas and diy projects that celebrate the everyday, Kim will be blogging about her experience over the next 6 months.  You can currently read about her  experience using a Bona Certified Craftsman for the installation of new hardwood floors and  the benefits of using waterborne finishes over acid cure finishes which are popular in this area of the country.

If you are interested in partnering with Bona on other public relations  type activities throughout the year, please reach out to Breana Carter at breana.carter@bona.com.


Industry Events

Come and visit Bona in booth #1019 at the NWFA Expo 2017 on April 11th-12th in Phoenix, AZ for the introduction of the NEW Bona Craft Oil®, all the benefits of a natural oil finish plus the performance you expect from Bona. The entire Bona System® will be on display, along with territory managers for any question or inquiry you might have. Bona will also be featuring an additional booth that will showcase its new Atomic Van! Swing by #1532 – across the aisle from the demo theatre - to view the innovative concept of the van-mounted Bona Atomic Dust Containment System.

NWFA – Advanced School
On November 14-18, 2016, Bona’s US training team hosted the first ever Bona Expert Install, Sand and Finish School at the National Wood Flooring Association (St. Louis, MO). Two large flooring panels, a panel/wall and an actual kitchen at the NWFA were completed during the 5-day session, utilizing Bona’s full product line. The one-of-a-kind floors ended up looking more like pieces of art than just flooring, especially given the assortment of materials that was provided to create on the spot masterpieces! We are excited to show you some highlights from each floor.

The Mural Wall (lead instructor: Jason Elquest – BCCP)
- Used multiple species and a variety of Bona sealers to create depth
- The wall featured full-round branch cuts, end-grain mosaic, live edge trunk and routered in details such as geese, blackbirds and trout
- A combination of Bona SuperSport Paint and Bona IntenseSeal blends were used to add dramatic color to the lake, tree trunk and branches
- As a final touch, LED light strips were routered in, then sealed with hot melt glue to highlight the mountain peaks
- Different sheens of Bona Traffic and Bona Mega finish were used throughout


The 3D Kitchen (lead instructor – Tim McCool - The Master’s Craft Flooring Co.)
- Created and routered multi-species butterfly keys to tie the field in with the multi-color, herringbone border
- Custom cut, square pegs were in the field, then hand finished with different colored oils
- Constructed and installed each of the geometric corner blocks, and getting everything as tight as possible


The 3D Parquet (lead instructors – Bryan Rathbun and Wayne Highlander – Bona US Territory Managers)
- All segments were cut by hand, then routered to make sure that all of the pieces would be structurally sound and tied together when installed
- Red and white oak, Santos mahogany, American walnut, wenge and maple were all featured to create the three-dimensional pattern and 5-piece block border design
- The staircase centerpiece was inlayed, complete with free-hand routered leaves and vines that were filled with green, glittery epoxy
- Finished with Bona Intense Seal and Bona Traffic HD Satin


The Live Edge Mosaic (lead instructor – Michael Dittmer – BCCP)
- Live beech tree edge cross in the middle and smaller, round, branch end-cuts from the same tree were then used to fill in the center circle
- The basket weave pattern center blocks and border mosaic were end cuts from 4x4 fence posts and random, remnants of walnut, maple, American cherry, red and white oak
- A pattern was then routered into the corners and molten solder added to create a sleek custom metal inlay
- Mostly hand tools and small power tools were used to sculpt, smooth and blend the different areas together
- A wire-brush drum on a Bona Belt HD was utilized to clean up the floor, but kept the texture
- Finished with Bona DriFast Sealer and Bona Traffic HD Satin


Bona Sand & Finish Schools
Each year Bona provides 4-day sand and finish schools at nine locations across North America. The school teaches attendees the 'why' and 'how' of the entire sand, stain and finish process featuring large, panel-size floors for full hands-on training. In addition, the training focuses on how to improve the technical, sales and marketing side of a business.

Tech Tips & Tricks

Bona NaturalSeal is a waterborne sanding sealer designed to retain the appearance of unfinished wood on your floor. This product does such a great job retaining that look that if you have a “holiday” or abrade too aggressively you won’t see these spots until you lay down that first coat of finish, and now you’ve trapped unsightly discolorations.  How to avoid this issue? Prior to top coating your seal coat, wet tack the floor. The moisture from the tack cloth with be absorbed by any raw wood, and any wet, raw wood will stick out like a sore thumb allowing you to make your necessary repairs and touch ups. When it comes to accidentally abrading through your seal coat, eliminate the danger by waiting until after your first coat of finish to abrade. Eliminate the need to abrade altogether with proper tacking, vacuuming and cleaning with your Bona Flexisand buffer and Tampico brush.