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Bona SuperSport Paint + Bona Glaze Save Days

More and more contractors are saving DAYS off of jobs with our water-based paint system and blending techniques, which equals a lot of time which equals cash money... that’s right bank, cheddar, scratch or dough.  All means more to your bottom line.

Change in a proven system is rarely sought after. However, more and more contractors have experienced a positive modification in their finishing system.  Not only is it a time saver, but customers approve and the quality of the final result meets our expectations. In the end, this provides more custom options with little effort.

How you ask?  Here’s the skinny on these new systems:

  • Fast drying with 3-4 hour recoat of finish time
  • Multiple coats in 30 min if necessary
  • No abrasion needed for adhesion of finish
  • Available in gallons

Now, to our Bona Glaze Systems.  At Bona Sport, we continue to lead the biggest trends in sport floors with our hybrid paint/stain and hybrid paint/sealer applications.  These simple, quick-drying processes provide limitless color options while still achieving the desired translucent, stained appearance and ease of maintenance. 

Our water-based option, has a BIG advantage over a straight stain application on raw wood.  This hybrid paint/sealer process can be administered on a full sand and re-finish or even during a recoat, making it so much more valuable to any sport professional. Creating custom looks and colors with these two processes is a great way to set your Bona Sport system offering apart from the competition.

Waterbase: Bona Super Sport Paint and Bona SuperSport DTS Sealer Hybrid Mix

  • Provides a stained appearance without penetrating into the wood
  • Can be achieved on a sealed or fully cured (after abrading) floor, prior to top coats of finish
  • Mix rations can vary depending on the desired translucency


Oil Base: Bona Courtlines Paint and Bona DriFast Stain

  • Achieve a more vibrant and consistent stain appearance on maple
  • Expand your stain color offering with the palette of Courtline Paint colors
  • Provides PMS color-specific stain look
  • Only for unfinished/Bare wood


These systems are currently on some of the highest profile floors in our industry.  Interested?  Reach out to your local Bona Sport rep. for any questions or on on-site demos. 

Luthern High School Case Study

The goals were to apply a full waterborne system, while including the Bona Super Sport paint and the growing trend of the Bona Glaze system, here was the process:

1) Tested water-popped stain application over a very large area of the floor. Water-popped with garden sprayers and smoothed out with t-bars. Applied stain utilizing two FlexiSand buffers and new carpet circles, removing excess with a looped, carpet-cleaning bonnets. Main floor and keys are stained w/DriFast White stain and 3-point areas are stained w/DriFast Nutmeg.


2) Tested Bona “glaze” product mix and application technique at the top of the key. DTS Sport Seal and the same purple, SuperSport Paint that was used on the 5ft. borders was mixed 8:1 (Sealer:Paint) and applied very thin (almost pulling it dry) with two, dry t-bars. 2 coats of glaze were applied with about 30 minutes dry time in between – no abrasion. This gives you the same color/tone as the solid, painted areas but with totally different, translucent appearance (you can still see all of the grain come through, whereas a solid painted area you will not see any of the wood). Really provides a nice, accent option for additional areas using the same color but without having to repeat with solid paint.


3) Tested large, 2-stencil, mid-court logo and large, 2-stencil lettering across the end court borders with SuperSport Paint – testing for application (roller), coverage (needed 1-2 coats of each color), bleed under the tape or along grain lines (product did great where we followed proper application – you must reroll tape with machine prior to application). Huge benefit of SuperSport Paint is that you do not have to abrade it for adhesion prior to coating with waterborne finish. This saved us at least 1-1 ½ days of prep and clean up time on the multi-color logo and letters. Also, the quick dry-time on the paint was a tremendous time saver versus oil-based paints. Able to apply next coat within 30 minutes and next color after a couple hours. Again, probably saved us at least an additional day with the multi-color aspects of the logo and lettering on the floor.


4) Tested full application of SuperSport Paint – roller vs. brush (roller worked fine, but some may still want to roll and brush back); need for abrasion to smooth (not on this job – tremendous time saver); will roller texture show through (not on this job); prep between colors on logo and lettering (hits edges with 120-grit paper on hand sanding blocks to prevent shoulder from showing through the next coat); ease of repair areas and ability to cover with next coat (had major issue with outline color on border lettering – after 60-min dry, hit it with 120 Black on random orbit sanders – no show through on cover coat).

5) Tested SuperSport “Satin” finish for the NBA – trying to perfect our application method which is a combination approach using 18” t-bars and 18” microfiber rollers. You can’t just t-bar a satin finish on a maple, gym floor because it will streak. Combo method worked pretty well, but we’ll make and test out a couple minor adjustments when we recoat over Christmas break. Also continuing to test the slip resistance coefficient to make sure that this finish maintains its playability as it wears and receives regular maintenance. All is very good at this point.

The school staff, coaches and students are thrilled with the floor, to say the least, and couldn’t believe how using a complete Bona Sport system transformed their main sport floor!

Cavs Season Gears Up!

Bona is excited for another winning season as the Official Floor Care Partner of the Cleveland Cavaliers. On opening night the players received their championship rings that symbolize the team's historic journey in intricate detail. Read the full release here.