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Are Your Athletic Floors Ready for Winter?

Keep your athletic wood floors in top shape this winter with the Bona SuperCourt System and Winter Cleaner Concentrate. Our winter cleaner is specifically designed to remove the damaging salt calcium chloride tracked in during the harsh winter months. From finishes to mops and cleaning pads, the Bona SuperCourt System is a one-stop solution to caring and maintaining athletic wood floors during this high traffic time of year.

Happy Holiday Recoat Season

With the summer sport re-sand season starting to slow down for some of you, now is a great time to start to plan re-coats you have planned in the upcoming months.  Preparation is paramount when it comes to a re-coats, paired with a premium finish.  Avoid swirl marks, deep scratch marks and potential adhesion issues with this advanced tool, the Bona Multidisc, paired with Bona Diamond Abrasives.

Bona Multidisc- Innovative drive plate in 16” size (six-5” discs) or 20” size (five-6” discs) creates the perfect surface for a Bona Finish System.  The discs spin independently of each other, all but eliminating swirls and scratch marks, leaving the floor smooth and flat.  Great for floors with cupping or water damage, as it will contour with the floor with additional inter-abrasion pads.  Compatible with most buffers.

Bona Diamond Disc- The ultimate intercoat abrasion solution.  Bona Diamond abrasives give you the assurance of a consistent scratch pattern across the entire floor leaving the best surface possible for optimal adhesion. 

  •  Comes in 120 grit, 180grit and 240 grit
  • Get up to 4,000sqft-6,000sqft with one set.  Save Time = Save Money
  • Great abrasion without the deep scratch, leaving a better build with you finish once coated. 

Contact your Bona Sport Rep for on-site demo!!


Rio Olympics

The Bona Sport System was used on all the athletic floors at the 2016 Rio Olympics. We are so proud that our durable and beautiful finishes and paints were chosen and trusted for the best athletes in the world.

Tech Tips & Tricks

Blending paint and stain can achieve a unique and vibrant appearance on Maple floors. Expand your offering with this new technique!

• Achieve a more vibrant and consistent stain appearance on maple
• Expand your stain color offering with the palette of CourtLines Paint colors
• Only for unfinished/bare wood

1. Mix Ratios

  • 2 parts stain to 1 part paint

2. Water-popping is a must. Use a T-bar to even out the water-popped surface and let dry thoroughly (overnight) before applying stain/paint mixture. Water-popped surface is vulnerable to scuffs/knockdown, so be gentle during your application – otherwise you’ll see those marks in the color.
3. Best to apply with carpet circle or white pad under buffer to ensure consistent application of stain/paint
4. Use a second carpet circle/white pad to buff off excess stain/paint mixture
5. May need to apply additional coat if color is blotchy or uneven
6. Dry time: follow recommended dry times for CourtLines Paint. Also, may need to lightly and gently abrade with used Conditioning Pads if Paint ratio is high than 2:1