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Bona Multidisc and Diamond Abrasives

The Bona Multidisc's drive plate available in 16" (six-5" discs) or 20" size (five-6" discs) create the perfect surface for a Bona Finish System. The discs spin independently of each other, all but eliminating swirls and scratch marks, leaving the floor smooth and flat. Compatible with most buffers, you get better one coat coverage with this method. Bona Diamond Discs are the ultimate inter-coat abrasion solution. Giving you the assurance of a consistent scratch pattern across the entire floor, and leaving the best surface possible for optimal adhesion. Watch them in action >>


Trends - Bona Glaze Systems

Here are two mixes to try to achieve a unique look on a sport floor.


Mix Bona SuperSport Paint and Bona SuperSport DTS Seal hybrid mix. 

  • Provides a stained appearance without penetrating into the wood
  • Can be achieved on a sealed or fully cured (abraded) floor, prior to top coats of clear finish
  • Mix ratios can vary depending on the desired translucency

 DTS and CourtLines


Mix Bona Courtlines Paint and Bona DriFast Stain

  • Achieve a more vibrant and consistent stain appearance on maple
  • Expand your stain color offering with the palette of Bona CourtLines Paint colors
  • Only for unfinished/bare wood

CourtLines and DriFast


Industry Events

June 28-30 Bona will be participating in the annual Green Sports Alliance Summit, the world’s largest and most influential gathering for the sports community to unite around sustainability. The event brings together more than 700 industry stakeholders to learn and share better practices and the latest innovations in greening operations, advancing the supply chain and engaging fans. Bona is proud to be a first time attendee and will be featuring products from our Sport and SuperCourt systems. If you will be in attendance stop by our booth and speak with our knowledgeable sales managers to hear about our entire system!


This fall, October 25-28, Bona can be found in the Windy City for the ISSA/INTERCLEAN North America The event will take place at the McCormick Place South Hall in Chicago, IL.  More than 700 exhibitors from over 25 countries will be showcasing thousands of products and services. In addition, there will be continued education all week to find strategic, high-level executive advice – featuring over 60 seminars and workshops. Stop by booth #2061 to view Bona’s Athletic Floor Care System! 


Champions Play on Bona

This February, Bona announced new partnerships with the Boston Celtics and the NBA Finals champions, the Cleveland Cavaliers. As the Official Hardwood Floor Care Partner, Bona is proud that our durable Bona SuperSport Finishes, Bona CourtLines Sport Floor Paint and hardwood floor cleaning solutions protect these highly visible floors.


Bona finishes, sealers and paints can be found on renowned floors such as the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, Sacramento Kings, Utah Jazz, Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors.  Bona Hardwood Floor Finishes and Paints were chosen for their beautiful, durable, long-lasting and low VOC attributes.


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Time Saving Tips

Rely on the Bona water-based system to make your business more efficient with these time saving tips:


Recoat: (one to two day process)

  • Step 1: Abrade floor with Bona Multi-Disc and Diamond Abrasives. This will ensure a smooth abrade, removing scuffs, minor scratches and swirl marks
  • Step 2: Apply one coat of Bona Waterborne Finish
  • Step 3: Apply second coat of Bona Waterborne Finish (optional but recommended)

Bona Bare Wood:

  • Step 1: Apply 2 coats of Bona DTS (same day)
  • Day 2-3: Abrade DTS/ Paint Gamelines/Graphics (water-based paint will allow multiple colors in one day, no need to abrade if coating within 24-48 hours)
  • Day 3-4: Apply one coat of Bona Waterborne or Oil-Modified Finish (abrade before applying oil)
  • Day 4-5: Apply 2nd coat of Bona Waterborne or Oil-Modified Finish (abrade before applying second coat of oil)

Bona Hybrid System (Water Dry Time, Oil Look)

  • Apply 2 coats of Bona SuperSport DTS, Bona Super Sport Paint for gamelines
  • Apply 1 Coat of Bona DTS
  • Finish with Bona Oil Modified Finish -save time, not waiting for the oil to dry!