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Bona Floor Treatment Program

Revive: Revive effectively with little downtime. When regular maintenance isn't enough to cut through ground-in-dirt on your customers' hardwood floors, offer them the benefits of a professional cleaning system from the experts in hardwood floor care - the Bona Deep Clean System. This innovative deep cleaning system is the safest, quickest and easiest way to remove all the dirt, grime and build-up on hardwood floors. With no need to vacate their home, this system protects their investment and keeps floors looking beautiful. 

Restore: Restore for a longer floor lifetime. Your customers work hard to ensure their hardwood floors look beautiful, but over time, the finish is slowly removed by the friction of daily foot traffic in the home. If the necessary steps to properly maintain them are not met, eventually bare wood will be exposed requiring a complete refinish. Every few years floors can be recoated to maintain their protective layer with the Bona Recoat System. This proved recoat process safely removes contaminants from the floor, rinses the floor clean and refortifies the hardwood floor with a new coat of Bona Traffic or Bona Traffic HD. In less than a day your customers can have a new coat of finish that restores the beauty and prolongs the life of their hardwood floor.

Refinish: Refinish for total beauty. When a hardwood floor is severely damaged or yellowed, or your customers simply want to change the color and look of their floor, the Bona Refinish System is the perfect solution. Using our comprehensive sanding equipment, abrasives and dust containment systems, the floor is sanded down to bare wood and then finished with the look and protection they need. It's like providing a whole new floor with endless possibilities.

Bona DriFast Stain Blends 

You may already be aware of the recent expansion of the Bona DriFast Stain lineup. Featuring 25 wood tones and white, all are now available in quart and gallon sizes for contractor convenience!  An advanced formula provides quick dry times and compatibility with Bona waterborne finishes and other Bona finish systems. 

Although the spectrum is impressive, all Bona DriFast Stain colors can also be blended with one another for an unlimited palate. Consumers are often looking for something different – something that separates their floor from the others. They may have a very specific color in mind. A request to match cabinets or existing hardwood?  Custom blends can be the solution!

The below photo highlights this with a classic blend of 50% white and 50% natural.  Bona Certified Craftsman Member, Okanagan Hardwood Flooring (Kelowna, British Columbia), created the red oak floor. Bona Traffic HD Satin was applied over the top to ensure durability. They were left with a beautiful outcome and very satisfied customers. 

Tech Tips & Tricks - Deciding on a Stain Color

When providing stain samples for your customer, the best method is to apply samples directly on the customer's floor. You're able to maximize the truest color as stain can take and look different on different species, under different lighting conditions, adn next to different colors (ie. cabinets, wall paint, etc.). To avoid doing multiple samples throughout the home, bring elements to the sample - a good example would be a drawer from the kitchen cabinets. You'll be able to view the stain against elements in the living room, and elements in the kitchen, without having to make samples in both areas!

Cav's Mop Boys Surprised Lucky Homeowner

As the Official Hardwood Floor Care Provider for the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cav's Mop Boys and Scream Team Surprise one lucky household with a free floor cleaning and a Bona Prize Pack.

Bona Sand & Finish Schools and Demo Days

Sand & Finish Schools
Bona has four remaining Sand & Finish School sessions left for 2016. Each facility mirrors an actual jobsite and offers contractors a unique experience of what they would face in order to optimize the training purposes. Learn more and view the remaining schedule at Bona.com. View the NEW 2017 schedule now!

Demo Days
Come and see Bona’s territory managers demonstrate the latest innovations and trend setting products in the hardwood floor industry! Demos feature Bona’s FlexiSand PowerDrive, a breakthrough in sanding with the world’s first direction-free machine, and Bona’s new DriFast Stain Collection. With four inspiring collections that include 26 unique colors, Bona can now offer the perfect color for any hardwood floor. All are welcome and attending is free! Enjoy a few hours of learning about the entire Bona System. See below for a participating distributor near you.

Location                               Distributor                                          Date
Norfolk, VA                         Horizon Forest Products                9/21/16
Pasadena                            Galleher                                               9/22/16
Richmond, VA                    Horizon Forest Products                9/22/16
Portland, OR                       Cascade Pacific                                  9/22/16
Richmond, VA                    Horizon Forest Products                 9/23/16
Indianapolis, IN                 Lanham                                                9/26/16
Indianapolis, IN                 Lanham                                                 9/27/16
Eugene, OR                         Emerson                                              9/27/16
San Carlos, CA                   Duffy                                                     9/28/16
Omaha, NE                          Intermountain                                  9/28/16
Columbus, OH                   Lanham                                                 9/28/16
Columbus, OH                   Paneltown                                          9/28/16
Portland, OR                       Emerson                                              9/28/16
West Chester, OH            Lanham                                                9/29/16
Seattle, WA                        Emerson                                              9/29/16
Bona RTC                             Brampton                                            9/29/16
Louisville, KY                      Lanham                                                 9/30/16
Irvine, CA                             Galleher                                               10/5/16
San Francisco, CA             Duffy                                                     10/12/16
Toronto, Canada               Brampton                                            10/13/16
Torrance, CA                      Galleher                                               10/20/16
Toronto, Canada               Brampton                                            10/27/16