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The Bona Commercial System Hardwood Floor Care Kit has a 24" flared edge mop base that is perfect for dry or wet mopping. It features a telescoping pole with a locking system which is made of high quality brushed aluminum for superior durability. Microfiber dusting pad uses special short and long fibers to trap and remove dust, dirt and debris quickly and safely from floors. Microfiber cleaning pad is highly absorbent and great for daily wet cleaning. Both pads are washable and reusable.



• Adjustable mop pole with 4 locking height positions
• Low-profile base for eay cleaning under furniture and fixtures
• Flared mop base for maximum dirt and debris removal
• Light and durable aluminum pole and base
• Wash and reuse microfiber pads up to 300 times
• Use with Bona Commercial System Hardwood Floor Cleaner