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Bona Commercial System™ Hardwood Floor Renovation

Bona® has been in the hardwood floor business for 100 years and knows the needs for proper wood floor renovation. The Bona Commercial System™ offers efficiency, speed, and simplicity for recoating hardwood floors.

A Solution for Every Wood Floor Renovation

Bona Commercial System™ hardwood floor renovation is a unique system which meets the needs for every Building Service Contractor, from finish, to tools and maintenance.

✓ For every kind of hardwood floor

✓ For all maintenance needs

✓ Simplicity and support


Extend the Life of your Floor with Recoating

Commercial buildings have a lot of heavy daily wear and tear, so having strong, durable floors is a priority for floor owners and building service contractors. Bona Commercial System™ Hardwood Floor Finish can restore the beauty and shine of hardwood floors in half the time and without having to do a full sand and finish or multiple burnish and polish applications during the year.

A Unique Solution

Maintain hardwood floors year-round by using the Bona Commercial System™ Hardwood Floor Finish, as well as the Bona Commercial System™ Hardwood cleaners along with our mop and microfiber dry dusting and wet cleaning pads. This will ensure floors maintain their beauty every day.


50% Less Downtime

The Bona Abrasion System gives your worn and damaged hardwood floors a new lease on life. Our streamlined approach means the perfect surface can be achieved in a matter of hours with little downtime, is cost-effective, and without the hassle of installing a new hardwood floor. The system involves abrading with Bona Diamond abrasives, Bona® Flexisand DCS® Buffer, followed by the Bona Commercial System™ Hardwood Floor Finish. This creates a healthy environment for workers, students, and staff.