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For exceptionally flat sanding on all wood floors with a buffer, Double-Sided Sanding Discs provide more aggressive and cleaner cutting than traditional screens or single-sided discs.

The unique design eliminates the need for an extra hardplate. Simply drive with a 16" Conditioning Pad on any 16" buffer for incredibly flat, clean floors. GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality



Bona Conditioning Pads

• Will not leave unsightly scratches
• Abrades finish surface throughly for uniform appearance and good adhesion
• Conforms to uneven surfaces - no shiny seams or low areas
• Will not mar or burn the finish surface
• Cleans easily by vacuuming
• Long wear life compared with other abrasives
• Glides smoothly over finish surfaces


• Removes raised wood fiber and ridges that create a rough surface
• Intercoat abrasion of solvent-based sealers and finishes when more aggressive abrading is required than the Conditioning Pad can provide alone
• Designed to be used attached to Bona Conditioning Pads for smoothing Bonaseal prior to applying the first finish coat