Czech Republic & Slovakia

Bona Lifetime Support


Bona Lifetime Support means so much to so many!

Committed to lasting results Bona is committed to lasting results, and to building strong and long lasting relationships with all our different customers. That’s why we offer Lifetime Support. This is a reassurance from us that we will help you preserve a perfect surface throughout the entire lifetime of your wooden floor.

With our Lifetime Support you can expect full support all the way. This offer is what makes Bona unique. Our worldwide support is our way of sharing experience and expertise to make it easy to maintain a perfect surface all over the world - throughout the lifetime of the floor.

Bona Lifetime Support
Bona CR spol. s r.o., Czech Republic, Tel. CR +420 211 153 340, Tel. SR: +421 265 457 161, Fax: +420 211 153 349