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How to find a machine

There are two ways to find a specific machine at this site, the "search function" or finding the machine "manually" on the site.

You can use the search function, and enter either part number or serial number. Using the search function, you will be transferred directly to the desired machine.

If you don’t know the part- or serial number, you can find a machine manually by browsing the site. To minimize the risks of selecting the wrong machine, the current market should always be selected. When a market is picked, only machines belonging to that market are displayed at the site.

On the main page, the different models are displayed, grouped by product type. Clicking a model will result in a general description and a list of all versions connected to the model.

Adding spare parts to proposal

Once a specific machine is selected, you can print all schematics of the machine, just by clicking "Print". You can always enlarge the picture by clicking "enlarge".

If a fact sheet is available for the machine, it is shown on the machine page.

A machine consists of several schematics, and the spare parts belong to a specific schematic. To find a spare part, select the corresponding schematic, and a list of all spare parts will be displayed. Just enter the desired amount and add the spare part to the proposal. After selecting spare parts from one schematic, there are no limitations looking up another schematic and continue ordering.

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