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Bona brings raw style to engineered wood parquet floors with the launch of Bona Raw


The popularity of raw-looking natural materials has exploded in recent years. Producers of industrial wood parquet have been wondering how to satisfy the demand for this fashionable look, while still providing the practicality and durability of an engineered wood floor.


The answer is Bona Raw - a new type of treatment system from the industrial Coatings division of Swedish floor treatment specialist, Bona. Offering that unfinished look, along with enduring protection and low maintenance, it could be the answer for people who want to ‘almost smell the sawmill’ on their wood parquet floors.


Combining water-based primers, UV basecoats and UV top coats, Bona Raw brings a whole new effect to industrially coated floors. Unlike traditional treatment systems, it does not fill the tiny natural undulations in the wood’s surface but retains the material’s distinctive texture. It gives the authentic look and feel that many modern consumers want, while also providing years of low-maintenance and long-lasting protection against abrasion and stains.


With its roots in Sweden and a strong connection to nature, Bona is proud of its long history of bringing out the best in wooden floors. Bona Raw is just the latest addition to a portfolio of UV treatment systems including Bona Natural, Bona Antique and Bona Ultra Matt – all of which been developed to offer excellent protection, whilst enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.


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