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Bona IC Stain Kit


Bona IC offers special effects for wooden floors

With more people than ever looking for ways to improve their homes rather than sell, homeowners are seeking unique ways to set their homes apart from others. As a result, many manufacturers have come up with several new and stunningly beautiful ideas that are giving hardwood flooring a whole new look. To meet this growing demand Bona IC has invested in the development of stains that will please consumers that are looking for new and rare wood flooring options.

Bona IC constantly monitor trends in color and design to work proactively and are continuously developing new shades to be able to meet the expectations of our customers and the floor owners. This is why we offer stains in several brown tones, but also shades that are out of the ordinary to create the different looks that homeowners and designers are looking for.

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Bona IC Stain Kit
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