Oil a wood floor

How to oil a wood floor - Bona

Unlike varnish or hard wax, oil doesn’t create a film on top of the wood. This means you wear directly on the wood. Protect the floor by filling the pores of the wood with oil.

The surface dries out over time and as the floor is cleaned. Occasionally treating the floor with maintenance oil is an important part of caring for an oiled floor. As the floor ages the maintenance interval becomes less and less frequent.

Thin layers
Oil can be applied in many ways; the key is to apply it thinly. In this case we will use a stainless steel trowel, but you can also use a white rubber bladed spatula or an oil application sleeve. A buffing machine saves a lot of manual work and lets you buff the surface in a good way.

Tip: Achieve the best results by applying the oil in two thin coats letting the oil dry overnight between coats.

You will need a buffing machine, a trowel, a beige pad, cotton cloths, latex gloves and shoe covers.

Carefully vacuum the floor after sanding.



Sand & Oil

Here you can watch our step-by-step video for how to sand and oil a wood floor. Below you can also find more detailed and written information that will cover your needs.


Preparation and application of corners

  • Stir the container thoroughly, especially if you will work with pigmented oil (here we use a white pigmented oil).
  • Start by applying oil with a brush along the walls.
Preparing to oil wood floors - Bona

Apply the oil

  • Pour a small puddle of oil on the floor and distribute it with a stainless steel trowel. (Never leave puddles of oil on the floor for any time.)
  • Allow the oil to be absorbed for 15-20 minutes.
  • Massage the oil into the wood using a beige pad mounted beneath a buffing machine.
  • Remove excess oil with cotton cloths. Wrap a cloth around a pad and use it with the buffing machine.
  • Allow the oiled floor to dry overnight or at least 16 hours.

Remember to place oily cloths and similar oily material in a bag with water or in another safe place. There is a risk of them catching fire.

  • Apply a second thin coat and wait 15-20 minutes before removing any excess oil with cotton cloths.
  • Allow to dry overnight or at least 16 hours before use.

Tip: You can put furniture back into the room at this point but wait at least one week before wet cleaning or laying carpets. Enjoy your renovated floor.

Applying wood oil - Bona