How to hard wax a wood floor

How to hard wax a wood floor - Bona

Hard wax oil is something in between varnish and oil. It provides a warm wood colouration similar to oil, and leaves a protective film on top of the wood, strengthening the resistance to water, chemicals and general wear.

Avoid direct sunlight on the floor, pull down curtains if needed. Avoid a cross draft to reduce the spread of dust, and the material doesn’t dry too quickly. Vacuum the floor carefully.

You will need a short-haired mohair roller of good quality, an extension bar, a brush and a roller tray. Have some paper and a plastic bag handy in case of spills and somewhere to place the tools when you have finished.


Sand & Hard Wax Oil

Here you can watch our step-by-step video for how to sand and hard wax oil a wood floor. Below you can also find more detailed and written information that will cover your needs.


Preparation and corner application

  • Stir the container thoroughly and pour some of the hard wax oil into the roller tray.
  • Imagine the floor divided in sections and plan how you will apply. Start by applying hard wax oil to the edges of the inner section of the floor.
Preparation and corner scraping - Bona


  • Smooth out the edge application with a roller and roll out the hard wax oil to the remaining part of the section. Apply pressure on the roller to ensure a thin application. Distribute across the grain and smooth out along the grain.
  • Continue with the edges on the next section and roll the center. Overlap with the previous section approx. 20 cm.
  • Allow the surface to dry fully for 6-8 hours, when you have treated the entire floor.
  • Lightly abrade the surface using abrasive grit 150 or finer if necessary or with a green pad.
  • Carefully vacuum the floor and wipe away the final fine dust with a damp cloth.
  • Apply another coat of hard wax oil as described previously.
  • For best result don't put the overlap on the same place.
  • Allow to dry fully before use, minimun 18 hours normally 1-2 days.

Remember to place oily cloths and similar oily material in a bag with water or in another safe place. There is a risk of them catching fire. 

Tip: You can carefully put furniture back into the room at this point but wait at least one week before laying carpets. Enjoy your renovated floor!

Hard wax rolling wood floors - Bona