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Waxed Wood Floors

Regular cleaning and floor care is the best way to keep your waxed wood floors looking fresh and beautiful. Follow our recommendations to get a wood floor you can enjoy for a long time to come.

About floor wax

Treatment with floor wax protects against wear and tear and gives the same look and warmth provided by wood oil. The waxed surface makes the wood floor more resistant to chemicals and wear than an oiled floor. It can be difficult to see and feel the difference between a waxed and an oiled floor. Often a waxed wood feels softer and a little more slippery than an oiled wood floor.

Dust & Clean

Things to think about when you Dust and Clean your waxed wood floor:

Protecting your wood floor is simple. By routinely cleaning, you remove dust and dirt before they scratch and dull the finish, or wear away the floor.

Always keep water to a minimum when cleaning your wood floors. If you spill (food or drinks), wipe up immediately to prevent any permanent damage or staining.

Sweep or vacuum your wood floors as often as needed. Use Bona’s mild, specially formulated Wood Floor Cleaner for the best result, or the Bona Wood Floor Spray Mop. Just spray and wipe!


Things to think about when you maintain your waxed wood floor:

If you are unsure about how to maintain a waxed wood floor, contact a Bona Certified Craftsman – he is an expert and can give you advice and help.