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How to achieve a white floor

White floors are modern, yet timeless. Bona offers two solid solutions for how to achieve different versions of that whitewashed look, depending on if you’re working with lacquer or oil. You can find step-by-step instructions below.

Lacquered Floors

Look Modern Pale
The look and feel of bare, sanded wood enhanced with white pigmentation.

  1. Prepare the floor and end the sanding with grit 120.
  2. Apply Bona White using a roller or other suitable applicator following the direction of the wood (approx. 12m²/lit). [Drying time: 1-2 h]
  3. Apply a second coat of Bona White in the same manner. [Drying time: 2-3 h]
  4. Protect surface with Bona Traffic Natural. [Drying time: 6-12 h]
  5. An additional coat of lacquer may be needed in high traffic areas.

Note – For enhanced whiteness, apply a third coat of Bona White before applying lacquer. For low wear resistance requirements, another non-yellowing lacquer such as Bona Novia can be used.

Oiled Floors

Look Nordic Milk
White pigmented oil is massaged into the wood floor to smooth out details and enhance luster.

  1. Prepare the floor and end the sanding with grit 120. Vacuum carefully.
  2. Apply Bona Nordic Tone using an application sleeve (8-10m²/lit). [Drying time: 5-10 h]
  3. Thoroughly stir the Bona Craft Oil Frost and apply it to the floor using a squeegee or red buffing pad (approx. 20m²/lit).
  4. Allow the oil 15-30 minutes to be absorbed. Buff the surface with a buffing machine equipped with a red pad, adding more oil as required.
  5. After another 15-30 minutes, remove surplus oil using cotton cloths.
  6. For a flawless finish, buff a final time using a Bona Wool Pad. [Drying time: 12-24 h]