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Sportive System

Bona Sportive System gives you a complete solution for unparallelled excellence in application, sports performance and floor maintenance.

A complete system for world-class performance

Where would the world’s best basketball players be without the right shoes, the best golfers without the right clubs, the best drivers without the best cars or the best footballers without the correct boots?  In all cases the performance of the individual and the team is improved by having the best equipment.  Indoor sports surfaces are no different being just another piece of equipment and arguably the most important piece for most people. 

At Bona we believe in setting the best foundation for top floor performance. From the working process and safety of our products, to the finished surfaces and their maintenance, no less than world-class standards can be expected. That’s why the International Basketball Association, FIBA, has chosen Bona to be its exclusive Official Technical Partner in sports floor treatment.

Every layer matters
Success is built on a strong foundation and to deliver top sports performance, every layer of the sports floor plays a crucial role – from adhesion to the floorboards and painting of line markings to coating of the finishes and proper maintenance procedures. Bona Sportive System contains all the components to care for a wooden sports floor throughout its lifetime.