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Step by step

Follow the easy-to-do 6 steps below and experience a truly excellent decking result

Environment and health in focus

All Bona solutions are developed with environmental sustainability and your helth in mind. Wheter you're a craftsman working with our solutions, or a floor owner living on a Bona-protected floor, your safety and health is our priority.  

The Bona PowerScrubber has been developed ergonomically for easy upright use and smooth movement along the floor. The Bona Deep Clean Solution and Bona Decking Oil are low in VOCs and odour.


6 steps to a beautiful deck

1: Flush deck with clean water from a hose

2: Fill Bona PowerScrubber with Bona Deep Clean Solution mixed with clean water (dilution 1:5)

3: Run Bona PowerScrubber along the grain of the wood

4: When all dirt and algae has been removed, flush the deck again with clean water

5: Leave to dry

6: Coat with Bona Decking Oil using a brush