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  • 14978 - Bona Craft Oil 2K Frost on white oak.jpg
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  • 14986 - Bona Craft Oil 2K Graphite on white oak

Performance, versatility and design – get the charming look and feel of an oiled floor, plus the protection of a finish.

Bona Craft Oil 2K’s unique formula, made from modified plantbased oil, exhibits accelerated drying time and strengthened wear resistance. Works perfectly with a wide variety of wood species including otherwise problematic ones such as jatoba, cherry, walnut and more. It delivers a beautiful and strong water- and stain-resistant surface and is ready for light use in just 8 hours.

• High performance plant-based oil
• Protects in 1 coat
• Long open-time, quick cure
• Overcoatable with Bona Traffic, Bona Traffic HD and Traffic Natural