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Caring for longer floor beauty

Regular maintenance is the key to longer floor life, but the organic nature of wood floors demands special care. From soap and cleaners as part of a recommended regular cleaning routine, to deep cleaners and care oils to preserve and extend wood floor life, Bona's complete care program cleans, maintains and protects.

Refresh, Revive, Restore

Taking care of oiled wood floors is a straigtforward but important task. The maintenance cycle could be divided into three parts: the weekly maintenance (Refresh), the deep clean which removes tough dirt, grime and scuff marks (Revive) and the protecting treatment which adds a new protective layer to the floor (Restore).

✓ Regular maintenance

✓ Deep Cleaning

✓ Protecting treatment


Before & after, a floor restored

Refreshing the surface

Refreshing the surface

Regular cleaning is the key to a better, longer-lasting floor. Bona care solutions work effectively, without harming the surface or the environment. Quick and straightforward with a great result, maintaining floors couldn't be easier. Bona Oil Soap removes dirt from surfaces gently, yet effectively, leaving floors clean and refreshed, while being suitable for both machine and manual cleaning.

Reviving the surface

Reviving the surface

Over time, wooden floor surfaces will become dull-looking from wear and dirt. Bona has developed a unique system, designed specifically to bring back the natural lustre. The Bona PowerScrubber together with Bona DeepClean W, will reach deep down into the wood and remove the toughest dirt, grime and scuff marks.

Restoring the surface

Restoring the surface

When a wooden floor's oil surface slowly begins to wear thin, becoming dull and losing lustre, it's time to protect it with a maintenance oil. After thorough deep cleaning with Bona PowerScrubber and Bona DeepClean W, the surface is ready for a fresh coat of protective Bona Oil Care. Apply using Bona FlexiSand and Bona Wool Pad, to bring the floor back to life.