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Create your own wood story

Bring your floor vision to life. Our oil system enables you to bring out the unique character, whether you're looking to acheive a fresh minimalism of white broad planks, a contemporary take on classic parquet, or a look that's as unique as you are. The Bona Oil System simply enables you to create your own wood story.

Bona Oil System

Whatever the surface, whatever the desired result, Bona's innovative oil system has everything you need to bring out the unique character of your wood floor. Our complete range of oils and effect creating solutions, combined with machines and easy-to-follow process steps, ensure optimal surface results. Bona brings creativity to life.

✓ Inspiration and guidance

✓ Crafting the optimal surface

✓ Maintenance and care


Natural solutions for healthy floors

Bona's complete range of oils are renewable, made using raw vegetable materials and contain exceptionally low levels of VOC. Their high oil content and minimal solvent content ensure a high degree of saturation, for healthy floors and long-lasting protection. Bona oils are mainly based on linseed, castor and safflower. Natural wood preserves with very good drying behavior, due to polyunsaturated fatty acids. Bona oils are cobalt and MEKO free.