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Bona Brush Technology

The innovative Bona Power Drive NEB now enables existing wood floors to be easily brushed, using Bona FlexiSand 1.9. This provides a great possibility to enhance the natural character of wood and create dramatic new looks.

Enabling new heights in wood floor texture & effects

Bona’s unique Brush Technology allows you to enhance the natural character of wood and create dramatic new looks on existing wood floors. Bona Brush Technology gets down to the grain to create texture and wood floor effects with a difference. From two-tone contrasts, to eye-catching, contemporary 2-colour effects, when combined with Bona’s range of oils and finishes, the possibilities are endless.Flat vs. brushed surface

From main area to edge brushing

With Bona Brush Technology you´ll be able to brush the entire wood floor surface in the same easy and effective way. Use Bona PowerDrive NEB for the main area and finalize with Bona SupraFlex. For best result we recommend the following steps for sanding and brushing.

Main area

Recommended steps brushing main area


Recommended steps brushing edges

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Watch our video and download our brochures below to find out more about the endless possibilities with Bona's unique Brush Technology.