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Confidence in re-coating

With Bona Diamond Abrasives, our unique recoating system allows the craftsman to sand any lacquered surface prior to recoating, regardless of hardness. Working with Bona, you can be sure of a perfect result, which is why our Silver Treatment is backed by an exclusive 5-year adhesion guarantee.

RE-COATING - Silver Treatment

Part of the innovative Bona Floor Treatment System, the Bona Silver Treatment using Bona Diamond Abrasives is the ideal treatment for the recoating of lacquered surfaces. When the top layer of a wooden floor’s protective surface is slightly stained or showing light scratches, the Bona Silver Treatment using Bona Diamond Abrasives can effectively restore its original beauty, without the time and costs of a full renovation.

 Sanding sequence recoat


Perfect adhesion – No risk of peeling

Bona Diamond Abrasives have the ability to abrade even the toughest top layer, enabling the sanding of any surface prior to recoating. Their superior sanding action removes almost all former surface scratches and residue. Fine sanding creates  invisible, super fine scratches that provide a perfect base for adhesion. Our coin test illustrates that sanding using Bona Diamond Abrasives results in better adhesive performance of the finish used for recoating.


Maximum polish removal with minimum clogging

Build-up of sanding material causes clogging, which affects performance and efficiency. These images show that Bona Diamond Abrasives have minimal clogging compared to the competition, while maintaining their sharpness to remove polishof any hardness – a unique innovation in the market.

 Surface quality clogging

Check out how adhesion of a lacquer depends of abrasive material - click on the movie below: