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Even abrasion for better results

The tests show clearly that abrasion using Bona Diamond Abrasives produces a more even sanded surface for consistent colour throughout. This is particularly apparent around plank joints where conventional screen and multihole discs are less effective.

Level sanding – even at plank joints

As the images show, sanding using Bona Diamond Abrasives provides an even abrasion, even at the plank joints. The unique construction of the diamond sanding discs enables it to follow the contour of the surface. This means that even at plank joints, Bona Diamond Abrasives effectively removes all of the old finish.

 Level sanding Diamond Abrasive

Consistent colour throughout

Due to the rigid nature of conventional screen and multihole discs, abrasion around plank joints is less even, creating darker areas and uneven colouration of the wood. The superior sanding action of Bona Diamond Abrasives ensures an even surface and a consistent colour throughout.

• Consistent colour

• Reach plank joints

• Even abrasion

Consistent colour Diamond Abrasive