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Fine sanding

If you’re looking for the best results in fine sanding, Bona Diamond Abrasives give you the confidence to sand any wooden surface to perfection. Made with the hardest sanding agents in the world, Bona Diamond Abrasives are unique, delivering unparalleled sanding efficiency, durability and surface smoothness – whether it is sanding on bare wood or preparation for recoating.

Bona Diamond Abrasives – a clear winner

The test included

  • Bona Diamond Abrasive
  • Screen
  • Multihole disc

Made using the hardest material in the world, Bona Diamond Abrasives maintain their sanding performance up to 15 times longer. In tests, both screen and multihole sanding discs lose their sanding capacity after a short period, while Bona Diamond Abrasives maintain an even sanding performance, even after 100 m2 of sanding.

The test results revealed Bona Diamond Abrasives as the clear winner in all areas – outperforming competitors in terms of sanding capacity, evenness of abrasion and surface quality. Whether it is sanding on bare wood or preparation for recoating, Bona Diamond Abrasives is the best choice for the highest level of performance.