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Surface quality

The judging of the coarse sanding performance was conducted through careful, close-up observation of the surface. This observation was then repeated after medium grit sanding.

Comparision of surface quality


Many abrasives in the market originate from the metal sanding industry. These can be effective in removal but are too aggressive to the wooden floor surface. Fibres are usually ripped from the surface during sanding and create deep scratches, which are difficult to remove with a medium grit paper. This results in a longer time taken to complete the entire sanding process, consisting of coarse, medium and fine sanding.

Using the

  • Bona 8300 (grit 36) and Bona 8700 (grit 50)

for coarse sanding resulted in

  • less scratches and
  • less fibre ripping

on the floor surface, which saves time during medium and fine sanding.


Surface eveness

This is how all tested abrasives performed regarding surface quality - see below chart: 

Surface eveness number chart