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Durability was tested in terms of the number of belts used to complete the entire sanding process. The minimum of 2 belts were used, 1 for coarse sanding and 1 for fine sanding.

Up to 3 times more durable

Bona Abrasives’ high durability is thanks to the truly unique mix of abrasive particles, which ensures a long-lasting abrasive beyond all expectations. The superior durability is also an effect of the grit structure that self-sharpens and maintains its sanding aggressiveness over time.

  • Last more than 3 times longer - unrivalled durability
  • Shelf sharpening grits

Below is shown how many belts were needed to sand the 75 m2 test area:

Durability graphic chart

The chart below shows all abrasive perfomance in terms of number of belts used:

No of belts number chart