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Abrasive tests

With over 90 years of experience in bringing out the beauty of wooden floors, Bona features a unique range of abrasives, developed based on the special requirements of wooden floor sanding, delivering greater durability, speed and results. Tried, tested and widely used by contractors and professionals around the world, the range’s outstanding properties have been verified in two extensive test.

Used and trusted by skilled flooring craftsmen worldwide, Bona Abrasives’ unparalleled performance has now been technically verified with astonishing results. To do so, Bona commissioned an extensive and detailed test that was executed in commercial enviroment, to compare the sanding performance of Bona Abrasives and the most commonly used products from major brands in the industry.

Bona Abrasives’ unrivalled performance was then being scientifically verified with astonishing results. In the comprehensive test, zirconium-, ceramic- and diamond-based abrasives were tested, individually and in sequence, to evaluate and determine the difference in performance between relevant abrasive products, present in the market.