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The Rotorua Museum of Art History is located at the historic “Great South Sea Spa”, more simply known as the “Bath House”. Opened in 1908 it was the first major investment made by the government in tourism.

Thousands of people would flock to receive “the cure” from the thermal waters. By the 1960’s popularity had waned and in 1966 all treatments ceased at this building. The Rotorua Museum officially opened in 1969 in one wing of the building and the Art Gallery in another wing 11 years later. Now protected under the Historic Places Trust, the Rotorua Museum of Art History is still a very popular tourist destination attracting visitors from all over the world.

Type of floor: Matai
Surface area: 224m2
Flooring Contractor: Active Floor-sanding
Year: 2005
New or Renovated: Renovated

Location: New Zealand