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As part of a rolling programme of refurbishment of all the wooden floors in the National Portrait Gallery, Bona Traffic has been used to protect and finish original Burmese Teak block floors at this magnificent Grade 1 listed building.

The Teak floors show the biggest change once they have been sanded back and finished with Bona Traffic lacquer”, explains Facilities Manager, Michael New. “The colour is now absolutely superb and completely natural. Bona Traffic also gives us the required durability to protect the floors from the wear caused by 1.5 million visitors who come into the gallery each year.” By specifying water based Bona Traffic, Michael New also avoids health and safety issues, and potential damage to the priceless exhibits, which could be caused by solvent based products.

Type of floor: Burmese Teak
Application method: Foam applicator
New or Renovated: Renovated

Location: United Kingdom