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Bona DCS 25 is a powerful industrial vacuum cleaner for dust free sanding.

Bona DCS 25 is developed for the collection of very fine and health hazardous dust, classified in Class H according to EN 60 335-2-69. Bona DCS 25 meets the toughest requirements for vacuum cleaners within the construction industry today. The machine is ideal for collection of fine and health hazardous wood dust from sanding machines. Bona DCS 25 is a part of Bonas Dust Free Sanding offer to the market. It can be used in combination with all Bona sanding machines.

• Healthier working conditions– H Classified, health hazardous dust EN 60335-2-69
• Greater customer satisfaction because of sanding without dust and reduced odour
• Filter cleaning during operation
• Electrical outlet with automatic start/stop
• Beeper alarm in case of too low air flow
• Soft start motor
• Post-suction when using automatic