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Powerful belt sander with compact design for easy manoeuvring and handling. The Bona Belt takes on any wooden floor and with the easy-start motor only a 10 Amp fuse is needed for it to run.

All adjustments can be made from the top of the machine and the sanding drum is easily exchanged to another width if needed. The unique drum construction makes changing abrasive belt a job done in seconds. Bona Belt has a highly efficient vacuum unit that minimizes dust. For optimal dust reduction, connect it to Bona DCS 70.

• Powerful wood floor sander
• Ergonomic design with convenient lifting and lowering of the sanding drum
• Disassembles quickly and easily for convenient transportation
• Easy-start motor
• High weight for powerful sanding
• Infinite pressure adjustment: up to 50% of its weightcan be adjusted to the sanding drum
• Easy fitting and changing of paper, no tools needed