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Hygiene Efficiency for Floors

Every day a significant amount of dirt and microorganisms are accumulated in the scratches and joints of flooring surfaces. Reducing this built-up of contamination is fundamental and there are state-of-the art solutions, uniquely developed for wooden and resilient floors, to accomplish this.

Bona Commercial System

Want to achieve a truly healthy floor? Every day a significant amount of dirt and microorganisms accumulate in the scratches and joints of flooring surfaces. To remove this build-up with traditional methods is next to impossible. Now, there are new ways to resolve this challenge. By adapting Bona's latest cutting-edge methods specially designed for each floor surface, any floor owner can increase their cleaning efficiency immensely. Here is how it works:

Commercial System Process

Periodic Treatments

Bona periodic treatments will leave a optimal surface for efficient daily cleaning. This by removing and preventing the build-up of microorganism on floor surfaces. The unique treatments, followed by daily cleaning, will result in a floor being kept hygienic over time.


Bona Pure testHealthy floors

Bona's unique method not only ensures floors remain free from dirt build-up, but also seals surfaces against microorganisms, resulting in floors with the highest level of hygiene standards adhered by the rules of The Technical Rules for Biological Agents (TRBA).

Before afterExtended beauty

Heavy traffic and the build-up of residue can leave floors looking dull and tired To restore the natural beauty, Bona has developed a unique cleaning system. Bona Commercial System delivers ideal cleaning for resilient and wood surfaces. It works deep, leaves surfaces refreshed, ready for protection.

Efficient cleaningMinimal downtime

Bona Commercial System enables you to restore the beauty and prolong the life of your floor, with less downtime and cost. This unique and safe system provides the perfect surface in a matter of hours – so there’s no need to close down the business, resulting in convenience and profitability.


Cleaning Graph

Different Conditions, Different Treatments

Bona Commercial System offers different treatments depending on the condition of the floor surface. For regular daily cleaning, our effective solutions helps to maintain a clean surface.

On floors with stubborn stains, Bona’s reviving treatment delivers remarkable results making the surface ready to be walked on within hours. It also extends the floor’s lifespan by up to twice as long compared to regular cleaning. For floors that are scratched and heavily worn, recoating is an effective way to restore their original beauty without the costs and hassle of full scale renovation.




Heavy traffic and build-up of residue can leave floors looking dull and tired. Bona’s reviving process works to remove stubborn stains and restores the freshness of a range of surfaces, from PVC to linoleum. The powerful Bona PowerScrubber combined with the highly effective Bona DeepClean W for wood floors, or Bona Remove R for resilient surfaces, removes stubborn stains and layers of cleaning residue.



Give scratched and worn floors a new lease of life with Bona’s recoating treatment. A restored surface can be achieved in a matter of hours without the downtime, costs or inconvenience of a full renovation. Recoating involves superficial sanding with Bona FlexiSand 1.9 and Bona Diamond Abrasives for a perfectly smooth surface, followed by application of Bona Traffic HD, for outstanding durability.





Bona provides a modern and unique method to delivering quick and effective cleaning results. Our cleaning products are designed for floor treatment and deliver a residue-free solution for thoroughly maintaining the floor’s beauty. They are also specifically tailored to Bona’s protecting solutions. In addition, cleaning is made simpler and more efficient by reviving and recoating the floor.

Bona Pure

Healthier surface

Bona commissioned a study on the use of the Bona Commercial System in hygiene-relevant areas. The test, carried out in conjunction with the IFR Institute in Germany, was to verify that a smooth, joint-free LVT surface can be created by overcoating with Bona Pure, securing a hygienic floor according to TRBA 250. Bona Pure’s sealing power and slip resistance creates a barrier against residual germs and microorganisms.