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Pure Titan Strength

Bona Titan takes wood floor adhesives to another level. Thanks to its unique titanium-based formula with quadruple crosslinking technology, this high performance silane adhesive delivers safer, stronger and longer lasting wooden floors with fast initial bonding. Whatever the installation, now there’s just one choice.

Introducing Bona Titan, a top performance silane adhesive that raises the bar in floor adhesives. Suitable for all types of subfloor, its unique titanium-based formula with quadruple crosslinking technology provides increased strength and longer lasting performance, and with faster initial bonding than existing adhesives.

Bona Titan is the latest addition to the Bona Silane Adhesives range. Bona Titan contains Titanium Technology - a revolutionary new formula that provides quadruple crosslinking, delivering superior durability and quick bonding for faster installation, even under challenging subfloor conditions. The result is a silane adhesive suitable for any installation, delivering greater strength and durability than existing products in the Bona Adhesives range. Bona Titan contains no liquid extenders or ingredients that can migrate after curing. This eliminates the risk of discolouration at the joints, as well as in overcoated areas where dirt gathers, where adhesive is accidentally visible within the joints.

Based on Bona’s clear categorisation, Bona Titan is a Hard silane-based adhesive that meets ISO 17178 standard. Its hard properties provide greater durability and resistance against movement, while relieving tension on the subfloor. In addition, the consistency of Bona Titan delivers greater rib stability, resulting in improved initial grab and reduced risk of hollow spots. For the contractor, the advantages are speed and convenience. Being fast curing, Bona Titan does not require a primer when applied under normal subfloor conditions, thus reducing time and product costs. And with sustainability at the core of every Bona product, Bona Titan carries environmental approval, including: EC1-R Plus, DIBt, Greenguard and A+, rendering it safe for both the craftsman and customer.

“We believe Bona Titan to be an absolute game changer in the silane adhesives market for wooden floors. Due to its new Titanium Technology, it offers absolute premium performance, with greater versatility than ever.” Torben Schuy, Product Manager, Adhesives at Bona.

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