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Bona Quantum

Representing the new generation of silane-based adhesives, Quantum features the revolutionary Titanium Technology. The new formula delivers strength that evolves over time – providing ideal strength once set. Initially hard-elastic, Bona Quantum allows the floor to acclimatize and settle into place, then evolves and hardens into a strong hard adhesive.

Quantum Innovation

Bona Quantum is an evolution of Bona R850 with added strength. Its versatility makes it the best choice for a wide range of materials, meaning that you can stock less products.

It produces an extremely high initial bonding strength to hold the elements, particular wider planks, in place and thus reduces the risks of hollow spots. The accelerated curing prevents any negative effects on the adhesive’s internal structure that might be caused by concrete extractives and other substrate reactions. Floors installed with Bona Quantum can be walked on safely after 4-6 hours.

✓ Increased strength

✓ Reduced downtime

✓ True all-rounder


Highlight: Recoating

Stronger over time

Bona Quantum’s formula becomes stronger over time. It is initially a hard-elastic - which allows the floor to acclimatize. Over time it evolves and hardens into a strong hard adhesive. It is a great all-round product that delivers fantastic performance, whatever the job.

50 % less downtime

Recycled packaging

With the launch of Bona Quantum, we introduce a sustainable package made out of recycled plastic pails. It has a modern visual impression and is made of 75% post-consumer recycled plastic. Saving up to 13% Co2, it also reduces our carbon footprint by around 60%.

Evolving Strength

Evolving Strength

Titanium Technology adds shear strength to Bona Quantum. Building strength over time, the adhesive allows easy and smooth application with an extremely well-bonded wood floor as a result. The ability to absorb movement between the floor substrate under changing forces makes it highly suitable for today´s needs.

Moisture Barrier

Moisture Barrier

Bona Quantum saves time by acting as a moisture barrier when the subfloor is not sufficiently dry. The 2-in-1 solution assures a successful floor installation in a wide range of substrate conditions. It creates a concrete slab with moisture protection of up to 95% RH (85% RH on heated floors). When used with the Bona Trowel Plus, the downtime will be reduced and you can achieve cost savings of up to 30%.

Broad Usability

Broad Usability

It can be used for a variety of wood floor types. Quantum maintains the optimal balance between strength and elasticity year after year, providing the floor with a lifetime of high-quality performance. Moreover, it can also be used for outdoor decks and on metal surfaces. This all-round product covers 90% of your adhesive needs!