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Bona Mega ONE – ONE partner, ONE promise

From now on never apart

Introducing Bona Mega ONE

Building on the DNA and success of Bona’s waterborne finishes, Bona Mega ONE now delivers fantastic benefits for contractors and floor owners in need of durable everyday floor protection.

Bona Mega ONE is your perfect partner for wood floors. With no mixing and no primer required, Bona Mega ONE delivers 1-component convenience with 2-component performance. Excellent fill and levelling ensures easy application and a great build for outstanding durability and a smooth, even, premium quality finish. And with easier abrasion and fast curing, you can enjoy minimal downtime, with increased jobs and customer satisfaction.

✓ Simple and convenient

✓ Time saving

✓ Great build and result

Unique benefits that you can rely on

No primer neededSimple and convenient

A primer and top coat in one, the innovative properties of new Bona Mega ONE allows you to simply pour directly onto the surface. With no mixing, no waste and no additional primer required, for speed, simplicity and value, it can’t be beaten.

Mid-abrasion in 1hTime saving

Drying in as little as 1 hour, you can abrade without the fear of clogging, to achieve the perfect finish with ease, speed and complete Bona confidence. No clogging also means that abrasives last longer, saving time and money.

Great buildGreat build and result

The exceptional build and filling power of Bona Mega ONE offers forgiving application, optimal durability and a surface to be proud of. Delivering great levelling and a fantastic, lasting finish, its non-yellowing formula offers the perfect surface finish.

Outstanding in comparison

In tests comparing Bona Mega ONE to 6 of the leading 1-component waterborne finishes, Bona Mega ONE exceeded the industry average in 7 out of the 8 test criteria. With outstanding scuff and taber resistance, as well as superior fill, level and mid abrasion, Bona Mega ONE performs like no other.

Comparison of Bona Mega ONE to industry average

The ONE for speed, simplicity and performance

The outstanding versatility and durability of Bona Mega ONE makes it ideal for a wide range of floors that are subject to heavy domestic to medium commercial traffic. From hotel rooms and offices to hospitals and restaurants, Bona Mega ONE provides excellent protection and beautiful results.Application areas

City Hall, 500 m²

Parkett Rickert: "Very fast drying time"

When recoating 500 m² of solid wood parquet floor as part of the renovation of Meschede’s City Hall, Bona craftsmen put Bona Mega ONE to the test. First the space was sanded, then 3 coats of Bona Mega ONE were applied. The result? The dull surface is replaced with a beautiful, rich finish that has the durability to stand up to any event.

Will Bona Mega ONE be your perfect partner?

With no mixing required, Bona Mega ONE can be conveniently used straight from the bottle, while excellent levelling and fill ensures a forgiving application and a consistent, great result. For speed, simplicity and performance, Bona Mega ONE is unbeatable. But don’t take our word for it, see for yourself!

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